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  • Butterfly Graphium Antheus
    Butterfly Graphium Antheus

    A glass dome with black base with a mint green mounted butterfly: Graphium Antheus
    Size glass dome 13cm high x 12cm diameter
    You also buy the butterfly that you see in the photos. Every butterfly or other insect is unique.

    € 39,50
  • Butterfly Papilio Ulysses Telegonus
    Butterfly Papilio Ulysses Telegonus

    A glass dome with black base with a bright blue mounted butterfly: Papilio Ulysses Telegonus, a special subspecies of the "normal" P. Ulysses
    Size glass dome 21 cm high x 14 cm diameter

    € 59,50
  • Set of butterflies "Plebejus Argus"
    Set of butterflies "Plebejus Argus"

    A glass dome with a black foot, with three little purple butterflies: Plebejus Argus, on a wood brench with fern leaf.
    Size glass dome ø8 x 8cm high
    You also buy the butterflies that you see in the photo. Every butterfly or…

    € 59,50
  • Set of butterflies "Little Blues"
    Set of butterflies "Little Blues"

    A glass dome with a black base, with five grey, blue little mounted butterflies: Polyommatus Coridon (2x), Polyommatus Damon, Polyommatus Bellargus, Polyommatus Daphnis female, made on a wood brench with fronds.
    Size glass dome…

    € 94,50
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